Keeping safe on the seas this summer


Whilst Qatar’s summer temperatures drive people into the waters looking for relief, many are unaware of thelusail_marina_boats_new harm - and risks - the sun can cause to themselves and their water sport equipment. Without the right preparations and precautions, summer can leave its mark long after the sun has lost its sting.

Mourjan Marinas – Lusail City works to ensure the premier marina’s fleet of yachts is well looked after and its boaters and water sport-enthusiasts are informed of the simple steps to safety on the seas in summer.

Mohamed El Newishy, Operations Manager of Mourjan Marinas – Lusail City, comments: “For people enjoying the seas this summer, it is important to have the right protection and information. Preparing yourself and your equipment is essential to ensure a happy and safe experience on-board. We’re sharing with water sport enthusiasts our simple steps to screen the effects of the summer sun.”

Mohammed’s top 10 tips on summer safety are: 

1. Be aware of weather conditions before heading out to open water.

2. Ensure your vessel’s fuel tanks are full and fuel shut-off valves are securely shut. During humid months, condensation occurs in tanks, leaving water in the fuel. The larger the area available for condensation to occur, the more water will accumulate into the fuel system which can be dangerous.

3. Have the vessel batteries checked regularly in summer and before each outing. Batteries can break down in the heat.

4. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing on-board.

5. Avoid dehydration by drinking more water. Daily fluid intake should be increased to at least three litres after spending over an hour active on the seas in summer conditions.

6. Replenish your fluid and electrolyte levels through informed food choices. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes are the best for staying hydrated.

7. Professional polishing and detailing adds a protective coat that helps slow down summer’s attack of the boat’s surfaces. 

8. Check all boat hoses and connections. In the heat, hoses can burst, the water expands, oil thins and systems have to deal with the added pressure.

9. Pay attention to those most at risk of heat exhaustion. Infants, young children and elderly people should not be in the sun for too long during the summer. 

10. And importantly, inform your marina staff if you have any issues or concerns on +974 5584 3282.
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