Dining in Doha

Boaters have the luxury of choice when it comes to dining options close to the marina

The cosmopolitan city of Doha serves up a variety of dining destinations to cater to every taste, from expertly prepared Arabic to internationally acclaimed signature restaurants.

Positioned in the Pearl-Qatar, Bice is just one example of the high-profile establishments that offer exceptional cuisine alongside equally breathtaking views. Here diners will be treated to authentic Italian dishes served within a modern setting and a good helping of traditional hospitality that is synonymous with the city of Doha. Another international import, this time from France, is the signature restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton, La Mer. Situated on the top floor of the hotel makes dining here more of an event than simply a meal.

Doha continues to attract Michelin chefs from all over the world, Jean-Georges Vongerichten being one of them. Famous for his restaurants in prestigious locations he has partnered up with the W Hotel, Doha to open the Spice Market. Taking inspiration from the souks, this restaurant is a melting pot where international cuisine meets Arabian flavours within a soulful atmosphere.

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